Vice Admiral David Ben-Baashat, Commander of the Israel Navy after a Presentation to his Senior Officers

Developing and Sustaining New Markets

This is a complete 3-day course in marketing covering the basic concepts, marketing research, marketing management, use of the internet, industrial buyer behavior, consumer buyer behavior, international marketing, marketing planning, marketing strategy, the product life cycle, competitive analysis, marketing tactics including elements of product, pricing, advertising, public relations, sales promotion, salesmanship, distribution, direct marketing, direct selling, new product development, and more. It is intended for all managers who have marketing responsibilities or work with those who do.

Marketing Psychology

This seminar will teach attendees how to ethically influence buyer behavior in both industrial and consumer markets. Marketing psychologists have long understood that buyers do not behave “logically” in the marketplace. This is the reason that not infrequently technically inferior products are purchased even though price is not a factor, sometimes buyers prefer to pay more and will actually buy more of an identical or similar product or service costing more, and sophisticated professionals will ignore technical data and respond to an emotional appeal. It is also the reason that many new products fail, including the first cake mix, a pleasant smelling cigar, baby food in when first introduced in Israel, a robot lawn mower and many more. This courses teaches the basic principles of how to apply psychology to marketing in developing new products or services, pricing them, introducing them for the first time, distributing them, advertising them, and selling them face-to-face.

Developing a Winning Marketing or Business Plan

Having personally supervised the development of more than 1000 marketing and business plans and the author of several books on the subject, few have as much experience or expertise in this area. Dr. Cohen’s unique approach has resulted in a number of awards, including a national prize awarded for the best marketing plan in Australia.

This is the era of marketing. Major articles not only in Business Week, but also in Time, Newsweek, and other popular magazines attest to this fact. Every organization needs marketing to be successful, and the key to marketing is the marketing plan. Once a marketing plan dealt only with promotional aspects. Not so today. Marketing plans done according to the procedures taught in this seminar are identical to complete business plans.

A good marketing plan is the difference between only dreams and ideas and organized, tough-minded, financially accurate, bottom-line success. Those following the concepts in this seminar have profited greatly. One started a chain of pizza restaurants and had a cash flow of $48,000 a month before he graduated from college. Another sold a plan he developed for $5000 and was told it was worth five times that. Yet another, an immigrant from China used his plan to get $1.4 millions in funding to implement his plan. Corporations teaching these methods to their managers increased annual sales as much as 30%. The objective of this seminar is not only to impart the knowledge to be able to develop truly outstanding, professional marketing plans, but to actually complete one during the seminar. This program is not theoretical. Attendees will be given step-by-step instructions and forms to complete. By the end of the seminar, most attendees will have a 100% complete or nearly complete plan.

Leading in the Global Environment

Leadership is more important than it ever was before, because businesses and all organizations operate more and more in a global environment. This means they must frequently lead others from many different cultures, beliefs, languages, and with different motivations. Consequently, we need good leaders of every type to lead countless thousands of companies, non-profit organizations, government departments, clubs, associations, schools, universities, churches, synagogues, and many other groups at a time when it is more than ever difficult to get these leaders. This 3-day seminar was designed to fill this need.

Just about anyone can become a competent leader. The only thing you need to know is what to do and than to do it. As President Eisenhower once told his son, “The one quality that can developed by studious reflections and practice is the leadership of men.” Eisenhower said “men,” but he was talking about both sexes. Once you know what to do, studious reflections and practice about leadership will help you in leading both men and women.

Peter Drucker said back in 1955 that, “Leadership is of utmost importance. Indeed there is no substitute for it.” He went on to say that the first systematic book on leadership, written by Xenophon three thousand years ago was still the best book on the subject. Xenophon’s book may have been the best in 1955 when Drucker wrote his book, but it didn’t enable people to learn how to become leaders, because most who read this book were unable to apply Xenophon’s observations to their own situation.

But, the fact is that leadership can be learned. As General Sherman, famous, or infamous depending on your point of view, for his “march to the sea” during the Civil War expressed it: “I have read of men born peculiarly endowed by nature to be a general…but I have never seen one.”

The emphasis of this course is not theoretical. It is on how to do it. The leadership techniques taught have proven effective over thousands of years. They will work for all attendees as they did for Julius Caesar, Sun Tzu, or George S. Patton.