Drucker on Marketing

Drucker taught that the two essentials for any organization were innovation and marketing. Famed marketing guru Phillip Kotler has been called “The Father of Modern Marketing.” When asked about Drucker’s concepts of marketing, Kotler said, If I am “The Father of Marketing,” than Drucker is “The Grandfather of Marketing.” Drucker’s views are unique and differ significantly from what academic researchers and others teach. For example, Drucker taught that selling wasn’t just not complementary to marketing, it could be adversarial! He knew how a marketing organization must create its own future. He taught what marketer must do when “they move your cheese.” He believed that marketing was primary for any organization.  He said the purpose of a business in creating a profit was secondary to a different primary objective that if not followed would be detremental to profits.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • Implementation of the marketing concept according to Drucker’s theory
  • Why you should not attempt market research on a non-existent product and what you should do
  • Why selling isn’t complementary, and may even be adversarial to marketing
  • The real objective of a business if it wants profits — and its NOT survival or profit itself
  • You can’t predict the future, but you can create it
  • How to “look out the window” to see the future even though you can’t predict it precisely
  • The importance of value (and its not what you may think) and how to acquire it
  • Why change is an opportunity
  • The right way to do marketing research
  • How to develop marketing plans the Drucker way

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