Drucker on Leadership

Peter Drucker devoted his entire life to leadership. Yet, unlike others he never wrote a book on the subject and didn’t have the title “leadership” in any of his hundreds of articles until 1987.  even his approaches were unique. When a corporation asked him to do a seminar on leadership, he declined. It took me years to understand his position on leadership because even as his student he once gave me an A+, but said, “Now I’m really confused.” I thought this had to do with my presentation. It took me years of personal interaction  and extensive research before I finally understood why he was confused and his conclusions regarding how to lead properly. His disappointment with the leadership in many corporations caused him to devote much of the final years of his life to the non-profit sector.

In this seminar you will learn:

  • Why Drucker avoided writing about leadership until late in his career
  • Drucker’s view on charisma which he opposed, but gave hints how to acquire and apply
  • The proper way to motivate employees
  • Lessons from a 2000-year old Grecian text, available in English, that Drucker called, “The first systematic book on leadership, and still the best.”
  • Why many corporate heads are failing in leadership and what to do about it.
  • Why Theory Y, and even TQM usually won’t work unless you recognize and implement this single fact
  • Drucker’s primary drivers of good leadership
  • The organization that Drucker most admired, and why
  • Ethics, Integrity and Honor and its importance in leadership
  • Why you must treat all employees or subordinates as if they were volunteers
  • Why you should NOT treat everyone equally

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