A Class with Drucker: The Lost Lessons of the World’s Greatest Management Teacher

Bill Cohen studied under Peter Drucker from 1975-79 and became the first graduate of his executive graduate program. What Drucker taught him literally changed his life. In a few years he was recommissioned in the Air Force and rose to become a major general. He became a full professor, a university president, and authored 53 books published in 18 languages. He maintained a nearly lifelong friendship with the master. In this seminar/workshop Cohen shares many of Drucker’s teachings that never made it into his countless books and articles – ideas that were offered to his students in classroom or informal settings. Cohen expands on Drucker’s lessons with personal anecdotes and shows how Drucker’s ideas can be applied to real-world challenges that managers face today.

You will learn.

  • How to build your self-confidence step by step Drucker’s way
  • How to approach problems with your ignorance; not your experience
  • The organization that Drucker most admired
  • Why and how you must develop expertise outside of management
  • How to solve problems by approaching them with your ignorance
  • How to create the future
  • How to avoid fear of failure and loss of job
  • Many other concepts Drucker taught in the classroom and how to apply them

This seminar is based on the book by the same name to be published by AMACOM November 2008. The publisher has already announced that foreign edition copies sold prior to publication are the highest of any book in this publisher’s 45-year old history.

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