The Wisdom of the Generals: From Adversity to Success and Fear to Victory

Wisdom of the Generals

Wisdom of the Generals

Wisdom of the Generals (2)Published by Prentice Hall Press, 2001

Editorial Review: A unique collection of words of inspiration from military leaders throughout the ages plus illuminating discussions from a former U.S. Air Force officer and corporate leader of the application of each saying to everyday life. From Alexander the Great to Colin Powell, outstanding military leaders have inspired troops to victory not by action alone, but by words of courage and conviction. William A. Cohen, author of the newly revised management classic, Wisdom of the Generals, brings together 150 resounding pronouncements and reflections from the world’s most celebrated military leaders, from ancient times to recent history. Cohen then illustrates the practical lessons learned from these leaders which can be applied to everyday life.

Translated into Hebrew, Arabic, and Portuguese.