“Dare the Impossible – Achieve the Extraordinary.”

The Institute of Leader Arts was founded by Dr. Cohen in 1973. Because it always had an international focus, the organization’s original name was Global Associates. As Dr. Cohen came to realize that success and failure in all activities and areas including management, marketing, and strategy were dependent on leadership and “the leader arts” the name of the organization was changed to The Institute of Leader Arts in 2002.

The Institute of Leader Arts not only teaches the arts and skills required of all leaders, but conducts primary research and disseminates the results, publishes books, tapes, and CD ROMs and develops instruments and research tools for organizations and leaders.

The Institute of Leader Arts does two things differently from other existing organizations which undertake developmental work on leadership. First, it not only seeks to conduct and disseminate research on how to motivate others to maximum productivity, but also other important skills that leaders must have to succeed including, marketing, strategy, and applied psychology. The second difference has to do with the Institute’s mission. The mission of The Institute of Leader Arts is to teach THE STUFF OF HEROES. Everything taught by the Institute is based on HEROIC LEADERSHIP, the eight universal and primary laws of leadership uncovered by Dr. Cohen and expressed in his books and the values and principles pf Peter F. Drucker. These are:

  1. Maintain Absolute Integrity
  2. Know Your Stuff
  3. Declare Your Expectations
  4. Show Uncommon Commitment
  5. Expect Positive Results
  6. Take Care of Your People (And Your Customers)
  7. Put Duty Before Self
  8. Get Out in Front

The methodology for undertaking this task is through books, speeches, seminars, workshops, and consulting and an new electronic Ezine, “The Journal of Applied Leadership.” The Institute welcomes your ideas and your support.

Presenting the Stuff of Heroes Award to Mr. Paul Marcoux in Perth, Australia

Presenting an Award to Prince Arkady Bugaev of Russia

A book signing for Air Force Reserve Squadron Commanders in Atlanta, Georgia

Receiving an award after speaking to the 8th Army in Korea

Receiving an award for a leadership seminar for the U.S. Navy

A 3-D Version of the Stuff of Heroes Logo developed, drawn, and contributed by MSGT Kenneth Baker of the Nebraska Air National Guard

CONTACT: wcohen@stuffofheroes.com